A Pay Per Head Software for Everyone | A look and Feel for All

The online sportsbook industry has changed drastically over the last twenty years and this is due in large-part to the introduction of the pay per head. Pay per head’s have become an enormous industry in its own rite and what most online bettors are seeing these days when they dial up their bookie, or any bookie for that matter, is a pay per head driven website. A simple organic Google search for “online bookies will reveal a plethora of options for the gambler and unbeknownst to most, the site they choose to do business with, is most-likely a pay per head. Now, you too can offer what your clients have been asking for with a software that has a look and feel for all.


  • A pay per head is software for bookies that provides an online presence for the sports bettor. If you are a bookie looking to expand your business, then you must jump on board and discover what the buzz is about. Sure, the software has been around for some twenty years but many folks (bookies) are still going it alone.


The beauty of great software for gamblers is not only what it offers the gambler, but you-the bookie.



Benefits of Pay Per Head Software for the Bookie—

  • If you want to make money as a bookie (who doesn’t) then you must have an online presence. Everyone these days is gambling electronically, whether it be on a cell phone with the use of an app, a laptop while kicking back at a favorite café, or at home. Gamblers want to gamble 24/7 and they certainly want access to gambling with the click of a mouse or the touch of an app.
  • What you get is a turnkey ready online sportsbook, racebook, and casino. 100% of the work to build a website with a fully operational sportsbook is done for you. The beauty of this, it doesn’t take weeks or months to get started, it takes a day!
  • You immediately receive the benefits of the “organic search”. Of course, it will take time for you to get your name out there in cyber land. The general public may not know you immediately, but your clients certainly will and that’s what matters the most. In the gambling industry, word of mouth is everything and when folks start talking, you start growing. A little advertisement certainly won’t hurt and after you are up and operational; advertising is a highly recommended move. At start-up, your customers are your advertisement and they are going to love what they see.
  • A great PPH software greatly reduces your workload, in fact, it cuts the workload to almost nothing. Now you can enjoy being a bookie. Let’s face the facts, being a bookie can be a grind. You must set a tight budget and stick to it, you must know exactly where every dollar is going, and at all-times. You must be available to your clients on a 24/7 basis and that means phone calls, yes, even in the middle of the night. If you are a bookie with even a few clients, then you know oh so well how this gig works. You have been there and although you know it can be rewarding, you know that it can be a grind.
  • Pay per head software does everything from grading bet slips to accounting for every dollar in and every dollar out, the great thing is the access you get to daily reports, line setting, 24/7 customer support and so much more.


Benefits of Pay Per Head Software for the Bettor/The benefits for the gambler are endless. Here are the facts—


**Gamblers want and look for a site/bookie, that has a site! The days of the “corner bookie” are over. Now that sports gambling is legal in the United States everyone wants in and better yet, it’s easy to become a bookie. Now you can use the tools that have been available for close to 20 years. The time is now. When the gambler wants to gamble, they want access to you within 30 seconds flat, if you are not available, they go to someone that is—that takes another 30 seconds!

Be there for your clients, if you offer an online presence, they will come, they will bet with you and they will remain faithful to you.


Now is the time to capitalize on the boom that has become online sports gambling. Not only do you get a great online sportsbook, but you also get a racebook and casino to boot. Gamblers love action and they will bet whatever you put in front of them. The key is having it to put in front of them. Find the best pay per head software today and start your free trial. Get in the game, get your betting clients in the game.


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