Which team in the Wild Card hunt is the most dangerous

Here we are 16 games into the season – and the playoffs are almost here and
we start watching the postseason come alive with excitement and hopes.
It’s time to check out some of the teams in the hunt that could prove
most dangerous to the favorites come playoff time.

Let’s check out the top 3 most dangerous teams in the wild card hunt.

Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis has nice offensive team, and a good flow with their
passing game. The Colts have been playing at a really high level since
week 7. Their scoring offense is top 8 in scoring, and their D vs
opponents rushing, could shock some. The Colts have shown a
controlling ability to be able to move the ball in more than just
conventional ways using their TEs as their primary weaponry.

Eric Ebron has shown some crisp flashes this season, catching 59
passes for 662 yards and 12 touchdowns on the season, including a
fantastic performance of 105 YDs and a pair of TDs back on 10.4.2018.
He is a remarkable player, that if finds a weak DB matched on him, he
will eat them alive, and Luck will get him the ball to feast.

The spectacular thing with this team, is that Andrew Luck has turned
around this team, in just one season. And Luck did it without a top
offensive draft pick. Pretty awesome. They basically, pulled
themselves together, after last years 4-12 season and got things
worked out as a unit, improving the team they basically had.

Now, the Colts ground game is another story. With 7 games with 85 or
less – that concerns me, if I am a Colts fan. Their tackles have to be
much better sealing the edges of opponents to stand a chance. I don’t
trust Indianapolis and their ground attack as Marlon Mack their RB1
has 5 of 10 games with just a 3.8 or less YPC on the season. And with
their RB2, Nyheim Hines, you never are quite sure what you are going
to get when he is on the field either 90-100 total yards or 3 yards
rushing and 6 yards in the air.

Indianapolis at one point, were looked at as another 6-10 team – but
then, Frank Reich has, at times coached so well they almost appeared
like one of the best of the league. Interesting watch.

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle has been playing really well lately – especially on the
offensive side of the ball with 4 games over the last 6 of scoring
27+. The Seahawks have been really hammering the ball on the ground,
and Chris Carson has been running the ball better than he had all
season long. One can see them meshing and clicking like never before.
Seattle just whooped on a team in the Minnesota Vikings – that they
probably – on paper – should have lost to, while the Vikings struggled
to do much of anything in the game vs the Hawks. Seattle’s Pete
Carroll and defensive coordinator, Ken Norton, have to be feeling
super confident in their direction.

They are veteran-led, and Seattle has had their share of big game
experience in these types of situations. Russell Wilson isn’t a kid,
and has the experience and smarts to keep it together, and makes great
decisions on the field to keep the ship looking forward. Their rushing
game is 1st in the NFL and with Russell Wilson and their nonstop motor
from Bobby Wagner on D – it immediately makes them a threat

The Seahawks have one of the better defense on 3rd down in the NFL, at
35%. Since losing back in week 2, vs the Bears, the Hawks have been in
every single game since then. Their mentality should take any credit
for the season this year, if they make a playoff run.

Rookie Rashaad Penny not brought much consistency to the team. And the
loss of Jimmy Graham and his 10 TDs has been a bit to handle.
Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett have combined to pull in just 92 passes
for 1265 yards and 13 TDs this year between the 2 of them. They lack a
big time receiver who can stop other teams from loading the box –
which makes me think a long run is possible, but very hard.

Minnesota Vikings

Mike Zimmer brings old school mentality and their coaching staff has
gotten the most out of that Oline. Credit to Zimmer for making the
calls to get Minnesota in the games to bring the team back to what
made them tough to handle. The Vikings would not be in the position
they can be in without Zimmer pushing to get Dalvin Cook involved on
the field, at the right times. This Minnesota team has shown and
proved a lot about who they are, they are not a pass happy team that
John DeFilippo was trying to get them in. They are a gritty tough
team. Mike Zimmer has been great with developing players for them, and
he did a great job here.

The Vikings have been relying more than ever on Adam Thielen to supply
a spark their 17th ranked offense. He ignites the Vikes passing
offense, and is the team’s leading WR through the season so far.
Minnesota has had their share of ineffectiveness at the RB position
due to poor play calling and lack of running attempts. Cook gives them
an outstanding option that makes sure the team stays in the game.

With their oppressive ability to be able to attack the QB on other
teams, the Minnesota Vikings are a team to watch for in the playoffs.
DE, Danielle Hunter has been too hard to contain, and their defense
can quietly pick up the big stops as well. The Vikings path to the
potential playoffs looks far tougher than the others, at the moment.
Not easy. But, I trust Zimmer and their frenzied defensive front to
keep the Minnesota Vikings moving forward and be a problem out.


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