NBA Opening Night 2018

Philadelphia at Boston

The NBA season is going to kick off with a great game between two teams that have a massive rivalry and have continued to build on their rivalry throughout the years. However, this is a rivalry that has had some waning moments in recent years as the teams have had some issues with the player personnel meeting the needs of the team and this could be something the Celtics can start to overcome as they were a powerhouse for a few years.

76ers Preview

The 76ers seem to have found the good playing matchup for the upcoming season if the preseason is any conclusion. However, we all know the preseason of a game can be very misleading and that could easily be the case here. The best part is a 3-1 record in the last 4 is definitely a plus for a young team and can give them some great confidence.

The backcourt of the 76ers did look like they had finally managed to gel together into a formidable team. The 76ers backcourt consist of JJ Reddick and Ben Simmons, who are getting ready for a breakout year. The center is going to be Joel Embidd who was a force last year for the 76ers with 22.9 points a game and 11 boards a game.

Celtics Preview

The Celtics had a rough preseason as the team only managed to get a single win in the last 4 of the preseason. Even then the win was a struggle for the team and it is one the team would like to be able to build off of.

The Celtics do have a power packed roster and that is going to make a difference for the team. Irving and Hayward will definitely make it a struggle for the teams to matchup against, but throw in the additional powerhouses and it is easy to see the Celtics are going to be able to pull out some major wins on the year.

The Pick – Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics did look bad in preseason, but that is exactly what the preseason is for. Look for the talent of the Celtics roster to start to come together in this game here as the Celtics are able to feed the ball to Hayward and when he gets blanketed the Celtics can kick to Irving who can put up some good shots. The Boston Celtics will bring home a win here to kick off the 2018 NBA season with a 101-94 victory.


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NBA 2017 – 2018
Handicapper Wins Losses Pushes Percentage Units
Brian Bitler 121 90 3 58% 2406
Joe D’Amico 70 54 3 57% 1214
(TonyK) 3G-Sports 87 69 3 56% 1153
A. J. Penny 21 13 62% 708
Stephen Nover 68 56 4 55% 553

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