Football Betting three Weeks in – A Quick Maintenance Check

Now that the 2018 football season is well underway, you may find yourself thinking, this isn’t what I had hoped. You’re not the only one out there! Many football gamblers feel the same way you are feeling, after two weeks into the NFL and three weeks into the NCAA. Of course, football is still fun and the action is still great but what’s missing? There can be a few things.


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Never forget something… This gambling thing is a hobby and it’s definitely for fun, but you do this for one bottom line reason, to make money. At the end of the day if you are not making money, what is the point of having this hobby?


You must have a great online sportsbook, this goes without saying. If you are for any reason doubting your sportsbook and what they have to offer, then be sure to shop around. There are a many great sportsbooks online and the good ones want your business and they will work with you. Find two or three and find the ones that offer a great player bonus along with free contests and even a free payout every week. Be happy this season, don’t wake up in January angry and frustrated that your online bookie experience never really worked out.


One of the most important aspects of winning football gambling, is a great wagering menu and a bookie that offers a nice variety of wagering options. As a matter of fact, options mean everything. If your bookie offers very few wagering options then why use them? There is a lot more to betting on football then simply straight bets parlays and round robins.


Many of the big sportsbooks out there offer a confusing wagering platform and the interface is not user friendly. Bookies that are from Europe tend to do business in this manner. Find a sportsbook that is based in the Americas and one that caters to American players. Sure, you want the wagering options, you also want great customer service and free payouts along with a great online racebook and casino. Do the bookies that you are using, do they offer a toll free hotline that can be accessed from within the United States? All of these questions should be first on your list. These are the basic things that should never be forgotten when choosing sportsbooks for your portfolio.


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Beyond all of the basic things as already mentioned, the number one rule that you should never abandon this football season and it matters not whether you are betting the NFL or the NCAA, but the number one rule is wagering options. Rule number two, which goes hand in hand with rule number one; lines and odds.


Is your bookie delivering the goods when it comes to great lines and odds? Look, you can forgive a not so great wagering menu but there is one thing you can’t forgive; wasting money. Think of this hobby as a business. This gambling hobby that you do should absolutely be treated as a business. You should have a solid money plan, and a budget that works. Stick to your budget and have a plan that follows your wins and losses.


Never take what you have for granted, if you have a great bookie that offers you a free payout once a week and a ton of free stuff such as contests with cash giveaways; then keep them! Really, keep those guys for sure. Finding a great online bookmaker is not an easy task.


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The trick to winning at football this year boils down to a couple of things. Have more than one great bookie. You must do this because you need the best lines and odds available to you at any given time on any given game. You also need a plethora of wagering options. Do they offer live wagering, what about dynamic live wagering and can you actually call these people if you need to do so? You should have a solid chunk of change stacked away from this years earnings, if not, then find a book that can and will help you win. They don’t want you to lose, they know you will never come back if all you are doing is losing. Start winning this week.



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