Round Robins Baseball Bettors Bread and Butter

It’s most definitely that time of year, when every sports gambler across the nation and around the globe starts thinking about how to beat baseball! We are all waiting patiently for the upcoming football season and it can’t get here soon enough but what we have now and really, the only thing we have now is baseball. No problem, for those that follow baseball on any level you know how difficult betting this game can be but you also know how rewarding it can be when you have prepared. Preparation and handicapping is most definitely the key to a bettors success with this grand old game so be sure to find a great handicapping website and one in particular that offers free baseball picks on a daily basis. You certainly have nothing to lose and everything to gain with a free pick every now and then.


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We all know that betting parlays is fun but a very difficult task. Pretty much anything above a three teamer is extremely difficult to hit. Playing a parlay on any sport is a lottery ticket. We all play them and we all want to hit it if for nothing more than bragging rights, but let’s face it; parlays in general are a losing proposition.

Rule #1 in sports gambling and especially in baseball: Never look at a potential payout. Don’t do it. This is a bad habit and this is exactly what squares do. You know, the weekend gambler. These guys always look at how much a bet can potentially payout. This is lunacy and it will drive you to the gambling poor house sooner than later. You must look at reality. Sharp players are sharp in part due to the fact that they almost never look at the money. A win is a win is a win! If the juice was -350 and it wins, the +275 meant absolutely nothing if you had it, you lost. Never ever under any circumstance look at the potential payout. You must be willing to do your homework, handicap the team in which you plan to bet on and make the most informed betting decision possible.


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This is where round robins come in. It is not always easy to call some games no matter how much time you spend handicapping and dissecting the teams, the players and the trends. There are times when you need a little help from the betting world itself and round robins are not only fun, they are a much safer way to go, especially in baseball.


Round Robins are based on parlays, you are essentially betting more than one parlay on one ticket. You do not need for all of the teams that you choose to win the game. As we all know, in a parlay, every team must be a winner or we are a loser.

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Rule of thumb:  When betting a round robin, never stray from a team that you would not bet as a straight bet. Example: If you want to do a three team round robin and you notice that the Minnesota Twins are playing the Yankees and they are +260 against Severino, should you bet them because $100 would pay $260 plus your $100 back? Absolutely not, you should not bet them. You would not bet them in a straight bet, why bet them in a round robin?  

Round robins allow you to lose a game or two and still get a little of the money back. Sharp players make a living playing round robins and they do for one reason; they don’t look at the money, they don’t look at potential payout; they look at reality.


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