Sports Betting – Handicapping Pads the Bankroll

For decade’s sports handicappers have disseminated the sports they love in an effort to gain an edge over the bookmakers and in large part, it works! There is no reason to run from the truth and having an honest and open conversation of the facts will lead to much larger bankroll for the sports gambler than ever imagined.


What every sports handicapper must know:


The number one rule of thumb in handicapping that must never be forgotten is this: A handicapper can’t possibly handicap every sport there is to handicap! It may sound like a riddle but there is truth in this statement and if you are serious about beating your online bookie then you must follow this rule. It is not humanly possible to handicap every sport that your sportsbook makes available. Don’t even consider trying, you will be wasting your time and doing this will only hurt your bottom line.


How do the “wise guys” of the sports gambling industry handle their business, what do they handicap?  Why are they “wise guys”?


In the sports gambling industry wise guys are often referred to as sharp players. What this means is they know the sport in which they choose to gamble on and they know it well enough to consistently beat the juice. Beating the juice consistently is a difficult task. Anybody can get lucky now and then but to consistently break even, a gambler must be winning 52-54% of the time. This is not easy but there are hundreds if not thousands of sports handicappers that accomplish this task and the bookies hate these guys. Vegas hates them and the online sportsbooks really hate them. For this reason it is imperative that you find an online bookie that is willing to let you play. Many bookmakers bail on clients after a few wins. Don’t be saddled by these people. Find a bookie that is willing to do what they say they do; gamble.


Sports Gambling – Are Professional Sports Handicappers Worth the Time?


Wise guys are successful because they find a specialty and they stick to it. They very seldom jump all over the board. In other words, they find a sport in which they enjoy handicapping and they handicap that sport to the bone. They may specialize in one sport, two sports or even three sports but rarely do they go beyond two or three sports.


Can anybody become a “wise guy”?


Absolutely. You can become a wise guy but it won’t be easy and you had better have a lot of time on your hands. Most wise guys have at least four computer screens sitting on their desk and they watch everything. They pay attention to detail in every aspect of the sport they handicap and miss absolutely nothing.


Sports Handicapping – Manage Your Sports Betting Bankroll like a Wise Guy


The NFL plays 16 games in a season and consists of 32 teams. There is not another sport in all of the major organized sports that holds more of a home field advantage, than that of the NFL. It can’t be explained, it is what it is and nobody can come up with a reasonable argument other than the short season itself and the large home crowds. There are 8 games for every team at home and 8 games on the road. This is the only reasonable attributing factor to the strong home field advantage

If you are like most folks you love to gamble but have nowhere near the kind of time to become a professional handicapper. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to win, of course you do. Find a game adviser site and let the professionals do the hard work. This will pay off in dividends and change your bankroll forever.


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