Nuggets vs. Timberwolves – Winner Take All for 8th Seed

The Denver Nuggets thought they had all the answers back in July when they signed Paul Millsap, that wasn’t meant to be. Although Millsap has had a good showing since his recent return, he has been unable to do anything for the Nuggets season as a whole. The unfortunate wrist break came in November and things have not been easy in Denver.  

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The Nuggets have one thing going for them in this game; they are on a six game winning streak. They have been hot to end the season and they need one more win but they must go into hostile territory and get it done on the road.

The Timberwolves should not be dealing with this problem and they should have at least the 8th seed, wrapped up by now, but it wasn’t meant to be and now at least the fans get some high drama to end the regular season.

The Nuggets are an exciting team right now and they are shooting the ball extremely well and averaging over 118 points over the last six games. Gary Harris is back in the lineup and like we said earlier, Paul Millsap is an x factor. He will definitely add value if they do make the playoffs and once in; you never know. Denver is capable of making some noise.

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For the Timberwolves, it has been way too long. The current playoff drought must come to an end or this organization needs a reboot. Towns and Wiggins must show up tonight and they must will the home team to victory or their just might be “mutiny on the bounty”.

The bottom line is this, who wants this one more? Denver has proven themselves over the last six games but is that enough? The Timberwolves have won two in a row and this one is at home. This one is for pride and this one is for the fans. They must step up and win this game and they will come strong. Count on the performance of the year from this team.

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Denver can never get over the hump. They seem to be snake-bit and bad luck befalls them. Carmelo couldn’t get it done in this great sports town and that seems like ancient history. The Nuggets are next on the reboot list and what has happened to them is a giant mess.

Look for this game to be close in the early going and look for a high scoring affair. Their last battle was a war and you will see that again tonight. The Timberwolves know what they have to do and they will be in playoff mode. Look for them to get the victory at home.


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