2018 NFL Draft Order


The following is the listing of 1st Round NFL Draft Order for Spring 2018:

1) Cleveland Browns and Hue Jackson- You are on the clock.

2) New York Giants

3) Indianapolis Colts

4) Cleveland Browns (via Houston Texans)

5) Denver Broncos

6) New York Jets

7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8) Chicago Bears

9) San Francisco 49ers

10) Oakland Raiders

11) Miami Dolphins

12) Cincinnati Bengals

13) Green Bay Packers

14) Washington Redskins

15) Arizona Cardinals

16) Baltimore Ravens

17) Los Angeles Chargers

18) Seattle Seahawks

19) Dallas Cowboys

20) Detroit Lions Spots

21 through 32 will be selected according to playoff seeding.  Record & Strength of Schedule will be used as tiebreakers. Thanks to all loyal followers & subscribers who believe in my systems as we continue a surreal run like our World Championship Season!

2017-18 NFL Overall Seasonal Record: 53-33—–62%
2017-18 NFL Record Since November 6th: 29-7—–81%
2017-18 NFL Record Last 4 Weeks: 11-1—–92%
By Mike Handzelek


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