Akron Zips vs. Florida Atlantic Owls Boca – Raton Bowl Bowl

The Akron Zips may not sound sexy but hey, it’s a bowl game baby! This game is going to be a fun one and as the bowl season kicks off what better way to enjoy the first round of games then getting in on this one? Florida Atlantic will be ready and waiting for Akron and it could be a long day for the Zips. This game is a great opportunity for a two team parlay or even a teaser. Look at the total closely and consider teasing the over. The play is points and Atlantic will show up and you can count on it in the early going.


Cherry Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Akron Zips vs. Florida Atlantic Owls


Lane Kiffin has finally found his place in the coaching world and if he even thinks of leaving, he is nuts. This gig is by far the best that he has found and the Owls are playing a high powered offense that is capable of going toe to toe with anyone in the country. This team puts up big points and they can put it up in a hurry. Take your bathroom breaks during the commercials, just bling and 21 points are on the board. This offense will attack and attack relentlessly. Count on them to score a lot of points. The only way the Zips hang around even a little bit is to get caught up in the shootout and match them big play for big play.


The Zips can hang around. They do have some offense. It’s not the exactly the Rams from Kurt Warner days but it does have some Zip, (no pun intended). They must get their offense rolling like they did against Toledo and go big play for big play or they will quickly fall behind and falling behind to

Atlantic will quickly lead to getting buried. Just ask the 9 last teams that played them! FAU will bury their opponent quick.


This game has all the earmarks of being a fun one to watch. Just pure entertainment and you will get your money’s worth. This game offers a lot of sports betting options. If you like to play props, this game will have them. If you like to play the totals, there are great options. Live wagering could be a very good option in this one. Wait for the end of the first series, then jump on a dynamic total. It’s going to be a crazy one.

Never lay a half point. You have heard of getting hooked? Getting hooked means that you lost by the half point and it’s the worst way to lose. Don’t even think of laying the half point, buy the half down. Your sportsbook will offer this option and it’s always a rule that you must live by. It will cost you a bit extra on the juice but who cares if you win? The goal is to win and this game offers the opportunity. Get in, enjoy and happy holidays.


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