MNF Preview Prediction – Huge game for the Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins had better prepare themselves mentally for this matchup tonight. This is a huge game for them and they need this win worse than anybody if they want a real shot at the playoffs. They are physically prepared how do they come mentally? Will we see the good Dolphins or the Dolphins that lost to the Jets 20-6, lost to the Saints 20-0, lost to the Ravens 40-0 and the Raiders 27-24? Really, the question is, who shows up, Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?


The Dolphins have the talent to win football games and they are squarely in a position to make a division run and in a great position for the wildcard run. They must win this game tonight or they are done. They obviously will not be eliminated mathematically but they will be done. They simply can’t keep allowing themselves to be kicked in the teeth and keep standing.


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This Dolphins team is fragile and they wear their emotions on their sleeve. They are like the seven year old who can’t play by the rules and when the going gets tough, they take their ball and go home. Tonight’s game is on Jay Cutler. He can stop being the crybaby, put his big boy pats on and play football or he can whine like a “yea you guessed it” and get crushed. Cutler is still mobile, he can move and he still has a great arm. He must make plays and he must find the open looks.


By cutlers own admission, “everything is in front of us”. Note to Jay Cutler; play one down at a time, play to win the game and go the length of the field. Do not look for the 89 yard Hail Mary that’s going to “up your stock” this is probably your last year in the NFL. Just win a game.


The Panthers are sitting in a very good position in the NFC South at 1 game behind the Saints. Even though the Saints are playing well and they have the lead at 7-2, they are beatable and they have had the luxury of a soft schedule. Everybody that’s anybody is on the Bills bandwagon. Folks, the Bills are not very good. They got their butts whipped by the Jets and took a beating at home yesterday by the Saints. This tells us the Saints schedule is somewhat soft.


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Cam Newton needs to grow up, be a man and play the kind of football that he played when he took the team to Super Bowl 50. That was the great Cam Newton. The now Cam Newton, has thrown 10 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Unacceptable! He is better than this but he is a bigger crybaby than Jay Cutler! Note To Cam; stop being a whiner, you are not Ryan Leaf. Get yourself together and be what you need to be for your teammates. You are a gifted player, stop wasting your talent.


This game will be much closer than Vegas Bookies wants you to believe. The home field advantage doesn’t mean that much in Charlotte. Both teams need this win and Ron Rivera is a superb coach. Adam Gase had better be game ready. It will be a tall order to beat the Panthers but it can be done. The Dolphins will keep this one close.


Prediction: Dolphins +9


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