NFL Betting – Four great games to watch and bet week 5

This week is going to be another great one. The fans are asking, can it possibly get any better? What the NFL has given us in terms of action; has been better than any year in recent memory. The games continue to get better and the competition is fierce. One thing the sports gambler can always count on is the unpredictable. Who to bet on this week, who brings the value? Check out some of the better ones and be sure to find the latest odds and lines with your favorite online sports book.


Patriots vs. Buccaneers

Be extremely careful! Many are quick to jump off the bandwagon. It is Tom Brady! Are you sure that you want to jump ship this quickly? Ok it’s true, the Patriots don’t look like the Patriots of old. There is no denying the truth here. Nobody is claiming that the Patriots are the same old team that Brady has led to glory on five occasions. Remember one thing; Bill Belichick is the master of adjustments and for sure he can be counted on to make the proper and needed adjustments this season. Does he have the player personnel? On offense he most definitely has the players. The offense is not the question mark and never has been. The question is; their shaky defense. Can the Patriots adjust and find the right plugins to right the defensive ship? History says yes. Belichick has never failed and he will find a way to correct the wrongs. The Patriots do not lose two in a row this year. Not with a healthy Tom Brady; not going to happen. Tamp Bay is much improved and will hang around in this one but lay the points. Hang with the Patriots one more week. Lay the points without fear. Patriots beat Buccaneers on the road.


Seahawks vs. Rams

The Rams are still finding themselves on defense but are showing promise. With Wade Phillips at the defensive helm you can count on eventual success, it’s a matter of time. Will it be this week against the Seahawks? Probably…. What does probably mean? It means that this is going to the wire in a close one and will be interesting to the finish. Count on a back and forth tug of war between to explosive offensive teams. (When they chose to be) The Seahawks are a strange team, a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of team. They are not very good on the road and this week will prove to be no different. Even though we predict a close one; lay the points and go with over the total for a sharp, 2 team play as a parlay. Check out your favorite bookie for the latest line.


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Packers vs. Cowboys

Conventional wisdom says Cowboys in this one because it in Dallas. Not so fast! Dallas is another team trying to find themselves and every year it’s the same old Cowboys. Will this be their breakout game? Unlikely! The Packers have shown that they can play through adversity and play hurt. The Green Bay Packers will not lay down for anybody. This is going to be a tight game from start to finish with the packers probably finding a way to win outright. Take the over! Don’t mess around with the spread here. This will be a high scoring affair and the over is the play. Also, look for great player-prop odds in this one. A good sports book will offer them, so check it out.


Chiefs vs. Texans

What a great win the Chiefs snagged on Monday night at Arrowhead. It was simply Monday night magic at Arrowhead stadium and the Redskins hit a brick wall. The defense was certainly the talking point in this game and the lack thereof, for the Redskins. The only unbeaten team in the league now finds themselves on the road, taking on a very solid Houston Texans. What Deshaun Watson is doing as a rookie out of Clemson is pretty magical as well! The Texans are a different team with Watson and they pounded Tennessee last week. The Chiefs are in letdown mode and look for them to come out flat. This is a moneyline win at home for the Texans. The Chiefs fall to 4-1. Take the Texans and wait for the payout! Get your deposits in and check out the competition, not all sports books are created equal.

Look for a great sportsbook that will give you a great player bonus along with a manageable rollover. Not all bonus plans are bad. Many sharp players take a football bonus simply for the reason that they are sharp! They love a good bonus because they can take advantage of a sports books generosity. Turn the bonus around; make it make money for you. Rollovers go away very quickly. If you haven’t yet jumped in for football, now is the time. Get in now and win a ton of money!


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