2017 NFL regular season wins total for the Broncos

Take Under 8.5 Season Wins for Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are going to have a brutal schedule on their hands this year as well and we feel that this defense can only carry thi steam so much. Their QB situation isn’t that good and they are going to struggle to score points. They also have the Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs in their division.
We do not have that much faith in the quarterback situation there or the head coach there as well as there are too many unknown factors for this team. Remember, losing both Phillips and Kubiak is huge for a team that had a lot of respect for the coaching staff and now they have two guys who will they have to follow.

You have the likes of the Raiders (12 wins last year) who will be good again, the Chiefs (12 wins last year) who will be stout once again and the Chargers will be better.
You have 3 division teams that can easily beat you on any given week and you play them a total of 6 times. Then, this team has to face the likes of the Cowboys, Patriots, Giants, Eagles, Bengals, Dolphins, Colts (who have revenge from last year) and Redskins. This team’s 2 guaranteed wins are the Jets and the Bills and then everything else is a battle. Therefore, we like the Under 8.5 Wins for the Denver Broncos.

Article written by Mike Anthony of 10StarPicks.

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