NFL Preseason – The time of year that every sports gambler lives for

NFL Preseason – The time of year that every sports gambler lives for

Finally, the NFL is back! It’s that time of year again. The time of year that every sports gambler lives for. With the preseason in full swing, there couldn’t be a better time than now to jump in and have a little fun. Just remember; it’s for fun. No one is telling you to jump off of the deep end here! Preseason is practice, all be it with pads and at full speed.

Football Betting Tips and advice – How to Bet Preseason Football

How serious are teams about winning in the preseason?

Let’s just say; much more than they used to be. In the not so distant past, teams really didn’t take winning the preseason very seriously. They looked at the preseason as a tune-up, as a way to find themselves. They still do this, however, the approach is somewhat different. They want to win and they certainly do not want shown up. Take a look at the Seahawks/Chargers game or the Lions/Colts games this past week. These games were disasters for the Chargers and Colts. This is the classic definition of embarrassment at the highest level. Yes, even for preseason. These are proud NFL players that make a fortune doing what they love and entertaining the fans. They do not want to humiliate themselves.

Who and what should you bet?

When thinking of good teams, I.E. last year’s playoff teams, remember this—they will probably have a great first half. Take the Patriots for example; Tom Brady will probably play most of the first half. The second half is up for grabs, who knows what might happen? Possibly a lot of points scored on turnovers, botched plays, fumbles, etc…

Stop betting with your “gut feeling.” Really, this will kill you. Get some good advice this year. Spend a buck or two and pay for some picks. Why not? It’s your money; take care of it. Gambling on the NFL is not only entertainment and fun; it’s an investment. Why would you want to waste that? Most of the time when someone has money to invest, and they choose the stock market; they pay for advice. They hire a trader who knows the business. They hire someone who is educated in that particular market. This is what smart investors do. They pay to have someone more knowledgeable than themselves; give them sound advice.

Do not bet Parlays and most definitely do not bet parlays in order to chase a bad bet. Stay away from live lines, live lines will kill you on the preseason. Never chase a bad bet with a live line. This is a death sentence.

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Have a budget. Every player must have one and every player must stick to it religiously. Never spend more than 10% of your entire budget for the season; on the preseason. Hopefully you get lucky and win a pile of cash on the preseason and can pad your budget for the 16 weeks of the real deal. If in fact this doesn’t happen; you still have 90% of your budget to play with.

Picking the Right Sportsbook for your NFL Betting Needs

Most of all, have fun this year. Make the preseason your own personal practice run. Do a lot of research, find the best sportsbook that really meets your needs, and don’t forget to get some professional advice. It will pay off.


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