NFL Fantasy Picks week 13


Every week you have the guys who are going to get their points one way or the other – this week – get the guys in that others may be overlooking. Win your matchup with the smart move.
The best choices of fantasy football players to make sure you get into your fantasy football lineup for week 13 from the experts at

1- Derek Carr v Buffalo Bills
Carr has been scoring 22.9 fantasy points over the last 2 weeks.
Carr has passed for 610 YDs and has 5 TDs over the last 2 weeks.
Bills have given up 21+ fantasy pts to opposing QBs in 3 of their last 4 games
To beat the Bills opponents have to move the ball in the air – in 3 of their 5 losses – opponents have passed for an average of 290 YDs – if the Raiders plan to win – you do the math.

2- Jameis Winston at San Diego Chargers
Winston has been scoring 21+ fantasy ppg in 3 of the last 4 games.
Winston has passed for 863 YDs and has 5 TDs over the last 3 games
Chargers have given up 6 games of 2 or more TD passes to opposing QBs this season.
Chargers have also given up 271 YPG to QBs this season.
Winston has been matchup-problem all season – with 6 games with 260+ passing YDs.

3- Carson Palmer v Washington Redskins
Palmer has been scoring 20.5 fantasy ppg in his last 2 home games.
Palmer has passed for 300+ YDs in 3 of the last 5 games – and has 8 TDs over those 5 games.
Redskins have given up 25.1 fantasy pts to opposing QBs over the last 4 games.
Redskins have also given up over 280 YDs passing in 2 of their last 3 games.
Palmer usually plays the Washington Redskins solid – 250 and 2 TDs the last time he played them in 2014.

1- Jamison Crowder at Arizona Cardinals
Crowder has scored 10 or more fantasy points in 5/6 games since October 16.
Crowder has grabbed 725 YDs and has 6 TDs on the team – and is the team’s YD reciever.
Cardinals have given up 11+ fantasy pts to 3 opposing WRs after their bye week.
Cardinals have been dealing with some injuries to their defense – that is not going to be a good thing for them in this matchup.
Cousins has been looking for the 23 year old on 1/6 of his throws – Crowder is the absolute TD threat WR1 in Washington.

2- Donte Moncrief at New York Jets
Moncrief has been scoring 10.4 fantasy ppg since missing 5 eary season games.
Moncrief has only grabbed 251 YDs but has 4 TDs over the last 4 weeks.
Jets have given up three 15+ fantasy scoring games to opposing WRs over 4 games.
Jets have also given up over 150 first downs in the air and have only gotten 6 picks in the air this year – Moncrief will take full advantage of this.
Moncrief has been getting steady 8 targets / game and is always a TD threat.

3- Michael Thomas v Detroit Lion
Thomas comes off a monster 27 point performance fantasy game – vs the Rams, who had given up the 12th fewest fantasy points to WRs at that point.
Thomas has grabbed 789 YDs and has 7 TDs on the year.
Lions have also given up 22 TDs in the air this season – bottom ended in the NFL.

1- Jordan Howard v San Francisco 49ers
Howard has been scoring 16.7 fantasy ppg since Oct 31.
Howard has carried the ball 76 times over the last 4 games – and has been more than steady with and avg of 103 YDs on the ground.
49ers have given up the most fantasy pts to opposing RBs in 2016.
49ers have also given up 5.1 YDs / carry this season – they have been nonexistent.

2- Tim Hightower v Detroit Lions
Hightower has been carrying the ball 17 times/ game over the last 5 games.
Hightower has scored 12+ fantasy pts over 4/5 games.
Lions have only given up two 100+ YDs to opposing RBs.
Lions have also given up over 100+ YDs on the ground in 3 out of their last 4 road games this season.
At home, Hightower has been getting 12.4 fantasy pts / game – look out.
PROJECTION 79 total YDs / 1 TD

3- Chris Ivory v Denver Broncos
Ivory has been scoring 9+ fantasy points in 3 of the last 4 games
Ivory has been getting the lions share of touches – with 13 / game over the last 4 games.
Broncos have given up the 8th most fantasy pts to opposing RBs.
Broncos have also given up over 1300 YDs on the ground this season – they are very beatable on the ground.

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