Malik Jackson is supposed to be the Jags defensive equalizer


When 26 year old Malik Jackson, signed with Jacksonville for 85 million and a 6 year contract, I straightaway thought that the defensive lineman brought active hands and a run stopping temperament to the up and coming Jags. The Jags have been a team that has needed a tangible defensive existence since the days of their more defensively inclined stretch with massive John Henderson playing for them. When Henderson was crashing parties on the field, he was a big man and gave them an enormous presence and harsh attitude, which is always a great benefit to have from any defensive guy.

Playing in the AFC South division, every team wants to have a vital defensive player like a JJ Watt or a Robert Mathis. With the way the game is in the South, with the large and mobile Andrew Luck passing for 4,000 YDs with his eyes closed, and the Houston Texans doing the things they do so well on the field, specifically with grabbing the opportunistic RB, Lamar Miler running the ball through the gaps for them now, a commanding run stopper and talented pass rusher, is imperative for a team’s success in this division and this day and age of football. Those guys who take away the sweeping run plays that open up into the next level of the defensive units.

Since 2013, Malik Jackson has logged some adequate numbers in his career. Including 7 passes defended in 2016, which is comparable to iconic JJ Watt in that category, and he hammered out 6 sacks in 2013, which is on the equivalent, number wise, level as Pro Bowler, Calais Campbell. Those kinds of stats are comparable to some really good players in the whole structure of things. Jackson should immediately be bringing some dynamic play on the defensive side of the ball – and help in containing the likes of Lamar Miller, DeMarco Murray, and Andrew Luck twice a season, and if they can get their heads in order, his demeanor will keep them on the precise method heading to the playoffs. The Jags were ranked 31st in scoring defense in 2016 and that is something that they undeniably knew they would have to adjust if they are going to become that genuine playoff contender.

He should be a great player for the Jags and their Defensive Coordinator, Todd Walsh, because he is a very capable guy for their front squad, and using him to take off on the outside and knock a few helmets together in the process, is expected to be a great advantage for his men on the field. Jackson has been very unimpressive so far, with just a lone tackle and yet to record a sack, as of 9.20.2016, there’s a lot of football to play still.

Having had battles with the Chiefs O-line and chasing down the quick firing QB in Oakland, in his short and impressive career, Malik will be seeing the likes of Marcus Mariota and Andrew Luck on a regular basis. Those guys will recognize the capability he brings when he starts chasing them down as well, during their games on Sundays.

Jackson is a distinct kind of player, he may not the common household name, but he is very good. And his ability to produce matchup difficulties will be watched and appreciated by the fans in Florida. Now it is time for the Jags to utilize him as the talent that he is.

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