With the Bronco’s losing Peyton Manning to retirement and Osweiler moving on the Bronco’s will rely on M Sanchez or rookie P Lynch. The defense will be dominate again, but without offense you can only get so far.
The Chargers are predicted to be last and with the troubles and amount of injuries this team always has on offense this could come true. Age is going to be a factor once again. Rivers is the X factor we know he can sling it but without a running game this team will be in the bottom.
Chargers have the talent to win this division and if Charles can make it the whole season this could happen.
My sleeper to win the AFC WEST is the Oakland Raiders. Coach Jack Del Rio has made this defense a contender, especially K Mack, 15 sacks last season. Then on offense you have D Carr and Cooper in their second full season. Carr has proved he can use his legs and he can sling it. Throw in Murray in the backfield and the skies the limit. Lock in the Raiders to win the AFC WEST for a nice payout.

Written by Kevin Thomas of


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