2016 NBA Finals as the Cleveland Cavs and Golden St Warriors tip off


It’s hard to compare the Warriors to some of the greatest teams ever even after they notched 73 wins this year.

Reason being is because, the small ball game was created when the NBA stopped hand checking and started to blow the whistle. Today it is a much different game than it was in the past. Comparing teams and players to the other generations is almost borderline impossible.  Back in the 1980’s it was a more physical game and teams didn’t rely so much on the 3 point shot like they do in the present game.


I’m not completely sure the Warriors could play this same kind of game versus tough backcourts with Joe Dumars and Isaiah Thomas. The NY Knicks were also a very tough and physical team with Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason and company.  Patrick Ewing was also a force at the center position.  The Pistons from that era, loved to press and get in your face tough nosed defense.  Both the Golden St Warriors and Cleveland Cavs like to run and gun their way and get easy baskets.


Overall, though, I still think this Warriors team would adjust as would LeBron James and his teamates.

Golden St is a 6 point favorite in game 1 as posted at William Hill Sportsbook.  The total is set at 211 total points. They have a load of weapons at their disposal. Between Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and their rotation of big men.


I’m not saying this team couldn’t compete in that era, I just don’t think they would be quite as dominant. They would have to get through some tough teams such as the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, NY Knicks and Indiana Pacers. They would wear you out in just a few games with their physical style of play.

Back in the late 1980’s and 1990’s it was Michael Jordan and he was all you heard about.  He led the league in scoring almost every season and he had that killer instinct on the court.  LeBron James and Stephen Curry have been nothing short of phenomenal, with scoring at will and hitting shots from all over the court. What we see Steph doing is something we haven’t seen before on a regular basis. He can flat out shoot and has a great ball handling skills and is also a very under-rated defender.

The amazing part is that, Curry is doing so much more than just knocking down treys, he also scores about 30% of his points in the paint and led the league in high percentage of makes with his layups and that is a big accomplishment considering his size.

Curry won league MVP honors last season, with 24ppg, 8apg and 4rpg, and of course his 44% deep ball accuracy and after what I’ve seen him do this year he is playing the best basketball of his life. He led the NBA this year in a number of shooting statistical categories and is getting a lot of help from him team and this is why the Golden St Warriors are so dangerous and the favorite to win the NBA Championship this year.


Golden State stays fresh, because their starters aren’t forced to play that many minutes and the extra rest during the season is paying off now in the playoffs and their legs are fresh.


Those that didn’t pick them as the preseason favorite are looking pretty foolish, as of right now. They are easily the favorite, they should really only be wary of LeBrons Cleveland team, s they’ve looked great so far in the playoffs.


LeBron James returns to the NBA Finals for his 6th straight year and everyone on the Cleveland Cavs are all healthy this year. They have their full squad ready to go as they’ve cruising through the NBA Playoffs so far and giving a balanced attack. Its going to be tough to stop LeBron, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. I look for this years NBA Finals to go 6 or 7 games.



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