NFL All Star Games Pro or Con


Is it time to get rid of the NFL Pro Bowl?
Voting has turned into a popularity contest.
You have 2 X-NFL players choosing up teams.
Was moving the game the week before the Super Bowl a mistake?
The game itself has turned into a gloried ‘touch pass’ game.
The players really don’t want to be there, mainly due to the chance of an injury.
If they are on the Super Bowl teams they don’t go, which means more players are invited to play.
So making the Pro Bowl as the third or fourth alternate still gives you the title of being a Pro Bowl player?” As teenager’s say ‘Really’!

The NBA All-Star game is the same way. They have an entire weekend of activities. First they have a Sophomore .vs Rookie game. Then a Slam Dunk Contest which we have seen every possible way to slam a ball down the net. Then the All-Star game itself where the two teams play mostly matador defense so a lot of points are scored for more entertainment value.

The Hockey All-Star game…. are you kidding me!

Baseball has a true All-Star Game because the winner has something to play for, home field in the World Series!

The bottom line is as long as Las Vegas puts a line up that’s all handicappers and gambler’s care about!


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