2016 NFL Super Bowl Prop Bets



The Super Bowl is the single most bet sporting event in the world. It’s not just the game or totals, but every prop bet you can think of. Some of the most popular ones are the over/under on the National Anthem, the coin toss, whether someone cries, will there be a safety, who will score the first TD, and totals on individual player yardage.

Pertaining to the game, most of the prop bets are based on two things: who you think will win the game and the totals.

I like the Under in the Super Bowl, so the following is based on that premise.

• Over on the total number of field goals

• Over on the total number of punts
• Over on the longest field goal made

• Over on the total number of sacks
• Under on most individual player stats

Stay away from things that are tough to predict: such as total number of turnovers and if there will be a successful 2-pt conversion.
One thing that may be worth a look is the over in penalty yardage.

Denver commits more than its share of penalties and since both teams play aggressively on defense, there could be a pass-interference or two.

Enjoy the game and here’s to a successful win in the prop game

Written by AC Dinero of 10StarPicks.com


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