How does Brandon Marshall improve the Jets


The New York Jets traded their 5th round pick to grab 9 year veteran, Brandon Marshall off the Chicago Bears’ hands. Marshall has had a much talked about and troublesome past of being a player that complained and carried on when it came down to where he was in the pecking order on the teams WRs. Marshall had played with the Broncos, Dolphins, and most recently, the Bears. In all of his stops, his reception avg was 81 or better/ season and he hauled in an avg of 7 TDs a year for each team, with Miami really dragging his numbers down.
Marshall played the last 3 seasons with the Bears. He was banged up all year long, and ended the season with only 61 catches. Not a great line, his lowest catch total since his rookie season, when he was in Denver back ’06. He has had his times where he was known for his clashing with teammates and coaches at times, including his alleged closest friend, his QB for 6 combined years, Jay Cutler. That relationship was seemingly tossed aside after this last year in Chicago, after Marshall even ended up calling out the often complacent Cutler.

With this, the Jets are hoping that they can build some sort of competent offense that has put up less than 18 ppg, on average, over the last 3 seasons. And only 4 times, in that 3 year span have they scored over 35 points. Not that the Jets have a ton of options, but Marshall certainly knows he’s going to be the Jets’ WR1, make no mistake about it. Brandon Marshall has always been a very good volume receiver, he has had 7 seasons of 81 or more catches. Typically, Marshall gets no less than 140 targets from his QBs, since 2006, quite the volume of throws.
A 90 catch, 9 TD Marshall would be a significant help to the Jets. Their receiving corps were nothing to write home about, in any sense of the word, last year. Looking at what the Jets have worked with in the last several years, how can he be any worse? Than to add a 5 time Pro-Bowler, a big athletic target, the kind of player the Jets really haven’t had in a very long time.

Personally, I also think that Eric Decker is a much better WR2 on a team. He’s good, but not a go to guy, like Marshall can be. Decker did well enough during his 1st year as a Jet, with 74 receptions and 962 YDs. And take into consideration, the way the rest of the passing game was. So we are looking at a WR corps that will be led by Marshall, Decker and slot guy Jeremy Kerley. And with new offense under OC Chan Gailey, this could be a pleasant surprise.
The Jets made interesting moves on offense, and not just Marshall, but also in picking up gutsy QB Ryan Fitzpatrick as well.
If Marshall, can get himself back to being 100%, the Jets then legitimately have themselves a pair of WRs that would be considered top 25 guys. This will help out the Jets and their QB situation as well, wth Geno Smith hurt, and Fitzpatrick as their guy. Not too bad to have to throw to those 2 guys out there. Brandon Marshall will be a great help to the Jets anemic offense, which is obviously in dire need of a spark.

Marshall was a very good pickup for the Jets, and they didn’t have to sacrifice a whole lot for him. A 5th rounder? For a guy who is capable of scoring 10+ TDs right off the bat for your team? Not too shabby. It won’t be enough, of course to catch the surging Bills or the Patriots in AFC East, but it’s a nice start, something to build on. Continue to improve, that roster. With what Chan does, like spreading the ball around, it’s going to get them moving up and down the field. Especially with how Chan can make the most of his matchups. Which should put Marshall in a spot to exceed.
Maybe a change of scenery and away from the Jay Cutler linkage that they had shared for too long, he can be the same as he was even unhappy and with below his potential play in 2011, I expect a nice comeback from Brandon in 2015, and the Jets to be a better team.

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