Sharp Money in the NFL

Photos taken at Las Vegas.

As all my long term clients know I’m the former race and sports book manager of the old Desert Inn Casino, and I live out here in Las Vegas – So I’m constantly around all the wise guys that make a living wagering on sporting events on a year round basis. Thus Tony Stoffo have inside information on where all the sharp money is discreetly coming in on a game. These sharps know things about a game that the public only wishes they had. As just one example the NFL comes out with an injury report every Friday – but you can take it for what it’s worth – absolutely nothing as the teams just give out the bare minimum to the league to report. However the sharps know a lot more of what’s going on inside the locker room then anyone will admit. This separates the men and the boys when it comes to becoming a content winner when trying to beat the sports books. So wouldn’t it be great to be privy to some of these important occurrences when it becomes time to place your hard earned money on a game.

The best way to try and follow this action is look for a reverse move on a game. By this I mean let’s say the New York Giants are at home and playing the Chicago Bears, and the odds makers have made them a 5 point favorite. I want you to look at the percentages of money coming in on this game – let’s say 80% of all the straight action is coming in on the Giants – yet the odds makers are lowering the number say to -4 / this is a sure clue that the smart money is coming in on the Bears overwhelming all the public Giants money – forcing the sport books to lower their line on the favorite in this situation to try and even up their books.

So simply put when you see the majority of the action on one side of a game, and the odds makers are moving the line looking for more of the square money – it’s a sure sign the smart money is on the other side of the game.

This works in all sports – however when it comes to a football game this betting strategy is the best way to be on the same side as where the insider action is coming in on. Something Joe Public will never know or be on.
Here is an example of what a reverse money play will look like:

Team…………………Betting Percentage….Current Line….Opening Line

Chicago Bears……………..20%…………………….+5…………………+4

New York Giants ………….80%…………………….-5………………….-4


Tony Stoffo of

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