2015 NBA Conference Championship Previews

Conf Finals

The West looks like a good match up of the 1 and 2 seeds, but the Warriors won all four meetings again Houston during the regular season. In November they played in Houston with the Warriors winning by 11 as Curry put up 34 points, in December the Warriors won at home this time by 12 as three Golden State players put up 20+ points, in January they were back at in Houston with Curry leading the way with 27 in a 25 point Warrior victory and a few days later they wrapped up the series in Golden State with a Warrior victory by 13 points. Since that last loss to Golden State Houston went on a 27-12 run to finish the regular season 56-26, the number one team in their division and number two seed in the West. Golden State won 51 games last year and still managed to improve 16 games to go 67-15 capturing the number one overall seed and leading Curry to win the league’s MVP award. This series is going to be the battle of the outside shooting of Harden and company to keep up with Curry and company and if Bogut can keep Howard down inside without letting him explode for big games. Look for this to be a high flying offensive series, but just like in the regular season the Warriors will beat Houston this series will end in six games with Golden State advancing to their first Finals.

The East is list the West as the conference finals are 1 seed vs. 2 seed with Atlanta hosting Cleveland. These teams are averaging just shy of 100 points per contest in this postseason are each coming off battles of series against division foes. Both series went 2-2 through four before the better teams forged through and won the last two to take it and stay away from the winner take all game 7. Both teams have had a couple of days to rest up finishing their series on Thursday and Friday. Cleveland won the first meeting of the season by 33 points, but it was all Atlanta after that with wins by 29 points and 8 both in December and last meeting in March and a home victory in for the Hawks. Atlanta plays great team ball on both offense and defense and that helps on defense, but it hurts in the fourth quarter of who will step up and make big time baskets. Look for Atlanta to play tough and hold their own especially against LeBron, but it will be Irving to will be healthy to slice and dice the Hawks as the Cavaliers will win this game in six to meet up with Golden State in the Finals.

Written by Frank Jordan

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