Is it Chris Paul’s time to show why he is still one of the best

Personally, I have grown tired of the talk about a players legacy and legend. Too many factors to determine, but still fun to discuss. Currently, the Clippers PG is playing some of the best ball of his career. CP3 is still one of the 2-3 best pure passers in the NBA, and when he goes into scoring mode, he is awesome, one of the best 3-4 putting the ball in the hoop. And without question, the best on the ball defensive point guards in the league. Proven with his 2.3 steals/game in his career.
He has struggled in the playoffs over his 10 year career. But, I also question, is it possible for him to shake off the unrealistic expectations that people have laced on him about making a trip to the finals?
The NBA playoffs now are into the 2nd round. Oddly enough, Chris Paul is getting there, for just the 4th time of his career. Through it all, Paul has never gotten out of the 2nd round. Many feel that he hasn’t done anything worthwhile after the 82 games of the season but he has added a reliable outside shot that he can shoot consistently.
But, after his performances in the 1st rd vs the Spurs, you have to give it up to CP3, the guy really is one of the toughest players left in the NBA.
The Clips just beat the San Antonio Spurs, in an exciting game 7. The Clippers PG was hurt early in the game, with a hamstring injury. But came back to finish big-time vs the Spurs in Saturday night’s Game 7. He showed his heart and his courage, with not only playing with the hammy but, buries the Spurs with the game winner. The Clippers earned it, the hard way. Granted, the Spurs hadn’t played their best this series, but you have to be on your game throughout, and CP3 was. Putting up 23ppg, 8apg, 5rpg, shooting 43% from deep, 51% from the field during the series.
We all should have figured that the best 1st rd series in the playoffs would have been the one between Paul and Tim Duncan. The game was brutal, it had an astonishing 31 lead changes. It seemed, at times the game was finally over, as both teams felt they threw their knockout blows, but couldn’t seal the deal. With just a single second left on the clock the 10 year injured veteran, managed to hit a sweet teardrop over the icon Tim Duncan. This was without question, the biggest shot of his career, up to this point. After all was said and done, the Clippers emerged the victor, 111-109 in Game 7, with his game winner.
It has quickly caused the topic for discussion, as to where CP3 still is sitting as one of the elite PGs in the NBA. If anyone thinks CP3 isn’t still one of the best PGs in the league after this game, I don’t know what is wrong with you. How many PGs would you put ahead of Paul? There simply are not a lot of PGs in the NBA that are better than him. It’s plain stupidity if someone says that he is done and isn’t one of the best still.
It’s good to see control with teammates on the season. Looking at the big picture, he has never had a great group of teammates. People can keep saying he hasn’t won anything. But that doesn’t take anything away from him. He is obviously an amazing player, one of the best point guards ever, whether he wins a ring or not.
His handles are still excellent and it gets even better when he’s in the paint. And, when the chips are down, he’s clutch. Yes, he has come with his baggage, which makes many dislike him, he has been criticized for flopping, flipping out, throwing tantrums, his injury problems, forcing himself out of New Orleans didn’t help his cause either. It’s things like these that give players a bad aura about them.
CP3 is a great decision maker after getting the ball off the screen, he is sharp as a blade. He creates something after them, all the time.
He could be the pure definition of how to use a screen properly. He can also literally do pretty much everything you ask of him. A true and complete poing guard He brings scoring, great passing, his ball handling, mixed with his court vision, and his decision making. He plays defense and causes turnovers every year. He carries a leadership quality about him many forget or don’t want to acknowledge.
The Clippers and CP3 go on to play the Rockets now, who are not as good as the San Antonio Spurs were. They will win this series in 6 games. Paul averaged 17ppg and 10 dimes vs the Rockets this season, and the Clippers went 2-2 vs them, including crushing them in Houston as well.
I think the thought of the Warriors matching up vs the Clippers would be amazing. Curry vs Paul. Could it get any better?
I don’t think so.

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