The New York Giants have decisions ahead


The Giants last season was certainly been nothing less than a complete and utter let down.
The offensive line was simply atrocious for their running attack, getting them just 3.6 a carry. And the defensive line that produced 47 sacks, based solely on Jason Pierre-Paul and big man, Johnathan Hankins, last year. This current roster merely doesn’t have the talent that the playoff teams had. Everyone must realize, that at one point, all good things must come to an end. This team at times, looked like a train wreck, flying off the rails, and only getting worse, as age creeps up on players and coaches. They need an overhaul, a complete culture change in the locker room.
A younger and more mobile QB than Eli, is something that I could imagine to look into. I understand that Eli is working with what he’s had, which wasn’t a bunch. Beckham was simply amazing this last season, and is the real deal, 1305 yds and 12 tds, but it also seems Eli didn’t really take him on until the season was half over as his WR1, granted him missing 4 games in the beginning of the year. We all consider he is going to be a playmaker and a star WR in his career. But, with Larry Donnell and Rueben Randle there still should be something to feel excited about and offense shouldn’t struggle.
Their secondary had been debilitated and they are obviously very poor on CBs in particular. And the fact that their 3rd round pick Jayron Hosley had been a big let down, out there with just nothing to offer. The drafting and scouting needs to be reevaluated, as well, they have swung and missed too many times over the years for New York fans to be contented with. When you look back at who they have picked, in 2014, in the 3rd round alone, they left players like Jerick McKinnon, Tre Mason and Terrance West sitting on the board, who are all more than adequate, possible stars in future years out there. It is obvious somewhere someone is overlooking talent that is out there and that is initially where the problems start.
Eli has always been banged on for showing no spirit, no emotions, and has been never been loved for any strong leadership skills. Eli typically can play well in dink and dunk, and sometimes has been able to chuck the long ball around. But, when things break down, his mobility has come into play and with this O-line, this impedes him.
Maybe it is time to get their possible future QB Ryan Nassib, to play some snaps, he has sat under Eli, let’s see what he has to offer the team. And as Eli gets older, 34, he’s only going to play slower and older. It’s time to acknowledge just because he is a Manning doesn’t give him any specialty rights, he’s not Peyton, the Giants may look into moving on.
Nassib should get a crack at becoming the starter, why not? Make it an open competition in the offseason. Even though Eli put up a very good statistical season, with 4,410 yds, 30 tds and 14 ints, at least keep Eli pushing himself, make him earn it again, light some kind of fire under his feet.
I felt Nassib was an underrated QB who didn’t get the attention he should have gotten. When he played for Syracuse, he was solid, throwing 70 TDs in his 4 years there. As a 3 year starter. He lacked some accuracy, but that can be worked on. It’s quite possible the kid has serious potential.
Nassib may not be the next Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or Aaron Rodgers, but he can move around a little and he knows where to go with the ball, when getting the chance. You never know what you have until you play them. You already know what you have in Eli.




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